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Abstract #3577

Slice-Direction SENSE: A Sensitive Acquisition Method for Detecting Neuronal Current MRI Signal Induced by Epilepsy

Qingfei Luo1, Gary H. Glover1

1Department of Radiology, Stanford University, Stanford, CA, United States

MRI can potentially be used to detect the neuronal currents induced by epilepsy. However, to capture the brief epiletiform spikes, the MR images need to be acquired with a high temporal resolution (~ tens of ms). In this study, we propose to achieve the high temporal resolution by using the Slice-direction SENSE (Sl-SENSE) acquisition method, which simultaneously excites and acquires multiple image slices. Through a simulation experiment, we demonstrated that Sl-SENSE provides superior detection sensitivity than the conventional pulse sequences, and it may become a promising acquisition method for detecting the neuronal current MRI signal induced by epilepsy.