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Abstract #3644

Deactivation in Tinnitus Patients & Controls During a Tone Discrimination Task Studied with fMRI

Arthur Peter Wunderlich1, Carlos Schnfeldt-Lecuona2, Robert Christian Wolf2, Wolfgang Freund1

1Dept. for Diagnostic & Interventional Radiology, Univ.-Clinic Ulm, Ulm, Germany; 2Psychiatry Dept., Univ.-Clinic Ulm, Ulm, Germany

Tinnitus patients and healthy controls were studied by means of a tone discrimination task which consisted of tones with differing pitches presented above MR acoustic noise level with a sound-proven MR-compatible headphone. The main finding was deactivation of several cortical and subcortical regions during tone discrimination in healthy controls, while deactivation was not significant in the patient group. An interaction analysis revealed that caudate nucleus, posterior cingulate gyrus and right superior frontal gyrus showed significantly stronger deactivation during tone presentation in controls than in patients. These results are discussed in the light of recently published studies on task-related deactivation.