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Abstract #3719

Volumetric MRgHIFU Rapid Ablation: In Vivo Demonstration of Non-Parametric Automatic Temperature Control

Lorena Petrusca1, Magalie Viallon2, Thomas Goget2, Denis Morel3, Vincent Auboiroux2, Sylvain Terraz2, Christoph Becker2, Rares Salomir2

1Radiology Department, University Hospitals of Geneva , Geneva , Switzerland; 2Radiology Department, University Hospitals of Geneva, Geneva, Switzerland; 3Anesthesiology, University Hospitals of Geneva, Geneva, Switzerland

A new automatic, non-parametric temperature controller, using non-linear negative reaction, was designed and validated, for the delivery of an equivalent thermal dose at every sonicated point during volumetric MRgHIFU. Its convergence was simulated and found to be suitable for fast volumetric sonications. Accurate control of the temperature of all foci situated in the HIFU trajectory was also in-vivo demonstrated in sheep thigh muscle for line-scan and circular-scan trajectories. The thermal history of all foci was found to be systematically similar: an initial rising-temperature, followed by a steady-state regime once the prescribed temperature was reached. Accurate performance was demonstrated without requiring a priori knowledge of tissue thermo-acoustic parameters.