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Abstract #3750

MR Active Insertion Mandrel for Improved Delineation of Deep Brain Structures During MR Guided Electrode Insertion

Alastair Martin1, Kamal Vij2, Paul Larson1, Philip Starr1

1University of California - San Francisco, San Francisco, CA, United States; 2SurgiVision, Inc

Implantation of deep brain stimulator electrodes requires the insertion of a rigid mandrel prior to electrode placement. MR guided electrode implantations have been performed but have utilized a passive ceramic mandrel. Here we explore the potential SNR benefits that could be realized with an MR active mandrel. Three different mandrel RF coil designs, including dipole antenna, opposed solenoid, and flat loop, were constructed and imaged at 1.5T. The dipole antenna produced substantially inferior results to both the opposed solenoid and loop design, with the latter performing better overall and providing signal enhancement in a region up to four mandrel diameters.