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Abstract #3762

Fast & Reliable Localization of Brachytherapy Seeds using Undersampled Co-RASOR

Peter Roland Seevinck1, Hendrik de Leeuw1, Marinus A. Moerland2, Chris J. G. Bakker1

1Physics of MRI, Image Sciences Institute, University Medical Center Utrecht, Utrecht, Netherlands; 2Department of Radiation Oncology, University Medical Center Utrecht, Utrecht, Netherlands

Prostate brachytherapy by Iodine-125 seeds is a common treatment modality for localized prostate cancer. An important aspect in such a treatment is intra-operative and post-implant dose evaluation. The ideal imaging method should not involve X-ray radiation, should provide both excellent soft tissue contrast as well as a good localization of the implanted seeds, preferably in an acquisition time as short as possible, to prevent the influence of movement and to enable near real-time monitoring and dosimetry of interventional brachytherapy procedures. In this work, the use of highly undersampled center-out RAdial Sampling with Off-Resonance reception (co-RASOR) is investigated for these purposes.