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Abstract #3782

Suppressing Local Hot Spots in RF Coils & Shields Due to Gradient Eddy Currents

Zhen Yao1, Aaron Shojinaga1, Yong Wu1, Timothy Eagan2, Shmaryu Shvartsman2, Thomas Chmielewski2, Robert Brown1

1Department of Physics, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH, United States; 2ViewRay Inc., Oakwood Village, OH, United States

A design goal for MRI is to limit the eddy currents generated on the RF coils and shields due to the gradient coils and in particular to suppress the associated eddy current heating. It is important, for example, to avoid hot spots in the proximity of the patient as well as in the vicinity of soldering joints. We simulate the generation of eddy current and corresponding heat distributions resulting from gradient magnetic flux, and make successful comparisons to experimental measurements. Specific patterns of cuts for reducing troublesome heating locations are studied.