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Abstract #3820

A Prototype Head Coil for 11.7T using the Inductive Birdcage Geometry

Joseph Murphy-Boesch1, Stephen Dodd1, Peter van Gelderen1, Alan Koretsky1, Josef H. Duyn1

1LFMI/NINDS, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, MD, United States

A shielded inductive resonator configured as a backward-wave transmission structure has been designed for use as a transmit/receive head coil at 11.7 Tesla. Transmission line analysis and a four-element distributed impedance model have been used to optimize the design for high-frequency. A prototype coil constructed with these methods displays a homogeneous mode in excess of 500 MHz. The coil frequencies are in good agreement with the model, and an axial field plot of the unloaded coil shows good field uniformity at mid-elevation.