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Abstract #3827

8-Channel Transmit Body Array for Homogeneous Excitation of the Thorax at 3T

Yeun Chul Ryu1, Sukhoon Oh1, Christopher T. Sica1, Chien-Ping Kao1, Yong-Gwon Kim2, Christopher M. Collins1

1Radiology, the Pennsylvania State University, Hershey, PA, United States; 2Radiological Science, College of Medical Science, Konyang University, Daejeon, Korea, Republic of

For experiments with transmit arrays in combination with existing receive-only arrays and without significant modification of an MR system that requires use for multiple purposes, we explore the use of a transmit array where all elements are in the region of the clear bore above the patient bed. Even with this severe constraint, using RF shimming at 3T it is possible to get much better homogeneity in the thorax than with a quadrature birdcage coil, and possible to achieve homogeneities approaching that with an array having elements spaced equidistantly around the entire bore.