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Abstract #3834

Plug & Play Multi Transmit Head Coil with Integrated Receiver Arrays for Clinical 7T MRI.

Hans Hoogduin1, Ingmar Voogt, Giel Mens2, Hugo Kroeze, Peter Luijten, Dennis Klomp1

1University Medical Center Utrecht, Utrecht, Netherlands; 2Philips Medical Systems

Multi transmit features control of SAR and B1, while multi receive can provide optimal SNR and acceleration. When these are merged into transceivers, compromises in image quality can be substantial. We therefore propose the use of an enlarged separate transmit array that fits an optimized receiver array for MRI of the human brain at 7T. Using pick-up probes integrated to the MR system, full control of the RF coupled coil is feasible while calibration procedures take less than 5 minutes. We therefore think that this setup will bring 7T MRI closer to clinical practice.