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Abstract #3863

In-Vivo Human Forearm Temperature Mapping for Correspondence with Numerical SAR & Temperature Calculations

Sukhoon Oh1, Yeun Chul Ryu1, Andrew Webb2, Christopher M. Collins1

1Radiology, College of Medicine, the Pennsylvania State University, Hershey, PA, United States; 2Radiology, the Leiden University Medical Center, Netherlands

In this study, we report recent progress towards a validation of in-vivo temperature change (δT) of a human forearm, since in-vivo δT is greatly moderated by perfusion. We acquired MR δT map, then built a FDTD model from anatomical images to simulate SAR. Finally, we calculate δT from the simulated SAR to validate the experimental δT. In the δT calculation, we considered the perfusion rate as a function of temperature, temperature decrease during acquisition of the second gradient-echo image, and the tuning condition of the RF heating coil. Qualitatively, the simulated δT distribution appears very similar to the experimental one.