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Abstract #3868

Method & Tool for Improved, Rapid N-Gram Average SAR Determination

Sukhoon Oh1, Giuseppe Carluccio2, Christopher M. Collins1

1Radiology, College of Medicine, the Pennsylvania State University, Hershey, PA, United States; 2Department of Electrical & Computer, University of Illinois at Chicago, IL, United States

According to prescription (such as 10-gram SAR for comparison to IEC limits), it possibly results an artificially high N-gram SAR region near air interfaces. Here, we implement a simple method for meaningful N-gram SAR calculation and provide a GUI for performing such calculations given an unaveraged SAR distribution. The tool was developed as a companion to a versatile MRI simulator (PSUdo MRI) which we recently released for public use, but also can be used with any unaveraged SAR dataset given in the right format. In comparison to the conventional 10-gram SAR calculation, our result shows smooth and actual 10-gram SAR.