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Abstract #3922

DSC MRI on Rat Model: Choosing the Integration Interval for Measuring CBV

Yi-Ling Wu1, Chien-Chung Chen1, Yi-Chun Wu1, Chia-Hao Chang1, Fu-Nien Wang1

1Biomedical Engineering & Environmental Sciences, National Tsing Hua University, Hsinchu, Taiwan

In this work, we take a closer look at the different integrated parts of CT, such as the anterior and posterior part of CT peak, direct summation of first pass part, the fitted gamma-variate curve (conventional CBV map), recirculation part, and finally the whole curve. Since the extravasation supposed to be minor in the short duration of DSC imaging, we confirmed the feasibility of integrating the total area under the CT curve including both the first pass and recirculation parts could further enrich the data points and to enhance the reliability of measured CBV.