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Abstract #3935

MR Measurements of Anomalous Diffusion Indices α & γ by Means of PGSTE Techniques at Varying of Time & of Gradient Strength in Phantoms

Marco Palombo1, Andrea Gabrielli2, Silvia De Santis1, Silvia Capuani1,3

1Physics Department, Sapienza University of Rome, Rome, Italy; 2ISC, CNR, Rome, Italy; 3IPCF UOS Roma, CNR, Rome, Italy

This work introduces a novel method to give more insides on anomalous diffusion processes of water in heterogeneous systems, by means of PGSTE techniques. When a competition between subdiffusive and superdiffusive processes occurs, it is possible to introduce a pseudo-RMS≈tα/γ for which α/γ grater or smaller than 1 defines superdiffusion and subdiffusion processes respectively. Experimental data obtained in micro-beads water suspension samples, demonstrate that α and γ reflect some additional microstructural information which cannot be obtained using conventional diffusion procedures based on Gaussian diffusion. Specifically, α can provide information on the degree of order and/or disorder within the investigated systems.