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Abstract #3971

In Vivo Measurement of T2 Relaxation Times in Mouse Brain at 17.6 Tesla

Firat Kara1, Fu Chen1, Jrg Matysik1, Alia Alia1

1Leiden Institute of Chemistry, Leiden University, Leiden, South holland, Netherlands

Knowledge of T2 relaxation times for mouse brain at ultra high field (17.6 T) can be important to optimize imaging parameters for optimum contrast to noise and higher sensitivity and to observe changes induced by various pathological conditions. In this work in vivo T2 relaxation parameters for mouse brain have been measured at 17.6 T and compared with those measurements at 9.4 T. Phantom solutions were used to quantify and validate changes in T2 relaxation time at different field strengths. A decrease in T2 relaxation time was found in several regions of mouse brain at 17.6 T as compared with 9.4 T. Phantom results validated a decrease in T2 relaxation time at higher field strengths.