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Abstract #3976

A Selectable Diffusion Coefficient Phantom Based on Restricted Diffusion

Joseph P. Hornak1, Hongmei Yuan2, Scott Kennedy3, Edmund Kwok3

1Imaging Science, RIT, Rochester, NY, United States; 2Chemistry, RIT, Rochester, NY, United States; 3University of Rochester, Rochester, NY, United States

Quantitative MRI studies of diffusion require a phantom to calibrate an imaging system. One convenient diffusion phantom consists of a set of hydrocarbon liquids with diffusion coefficients (D) between that of water and approximately 0.5x10-9 m2/s. Regional, national, and international shipping constraints make commercializing phantoms containing flammable hydrocarbons more costly. We propose a diffusion phantom based on the restricted diffusion of water within tightly packed glass fibers. This phantom gives a range of diffusion coefficients between Dwater and 0.5x10-9 m2/s using only water as the NMR signal baring liquid.