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Abstract #4123

Independent Component Analysis of Resting-State FMRI Reveals Diminished Functional Connectivity in Callosal Dysgenesis

Yi-Ou Li1, Fan-Pei Yang1, Charvi Shetty1, Sandya Venugopal1, Polina Bukshpun1, Mari Wakahiro1, Elliott H. Sherr1, Pratik Mukherjee1

1University of California San Francisco, San Francisco, CA, United States

We perform a data-driven whole-brain analysis of resting state fMRI using independent component analysis (ICA) to a group of patients with partial or complete agenesis of corpus callosum (AgCC) and a group of normal controls. Our objective is to determine which resting state networks of AgCC patients have the greatest functional connectivity alterations relative to controls. Three cortical networks were identified with significantly reduced functional connectivity localized to the precuneus, the posterior cingulate, and the bilateral insular/perisylvian network. The results of the data-driven ICA analysis were verified using hypothesis-driven seed voxel correlation analysis.