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Abstract #4128

Modification in Functional Connectivity of Resting State Networks in Patients Affected by Psychogenic Erectile Dysfunction During Visual Erotic Stimulation: An fMRI Study

Nicoletta Cera1, Ezio Domenico Di Pierro2, Gianni Perrucci1, Gianna Sepede1, Francesco Gambi1, Armando Tartaro1, Carlo Vicentini2, Cosimo Del Gratta1, Gian Luca Romani1, Antonio Ferretti1

1Dept of Neuroscience & Imaging, ITAB - University G.d'Annunzio of Chieti, Chieti, CH, Italy; 2Department of Health Sciences University of L'Aquila, Hospital "G.Mazzini", Teramo, Italy

In this fMRI study differences in resting state networks between patients with psychogenic erectile dysfunction and healthy controls during visual erotic stimulation were investigated using independent component analysis. Compared to controls, patients showed a decreased functional connectivity in the dorsal attention and salience networks, suggesting a failure of emotion regulation and a reduced coding of salience of visual erotic stimuli in psychogenic patients.