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Abstract #4208

Computational White Matter Atlas for Young Rhesus Macaques

Nagesh Adluru1, Hui Zhang2, Andrew S. Fox1, Elizabeth Zakszewski1, Chad Ennis1, Anne Bartosic1, Andrew L. Alexander1, Steve Shelton1, Ned Kalin1

1University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI, United States; 2University College London, London, United Kingdom

Brain imaging in non-human primates is becoming increasingly common for many experimental applications. Currently there is no publicly available DTI template for young Rhesus Macaques. It has been shown in human studies that using tensor-based registration and a population template can improve detection of WM differences. Representative DTI templates are also important for generating detailed white matter atlases. This work develops a high-quality DTI template using high-dimensional tensor-based image registration of a large sample of 271 young Rhesus Macaques. Several WM pathways were traced by performing tractography on the template. The atlas and the pathways will be made publicly available.