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Abstract #4314

Elastic Registration Based Neonatal Brain Segmentation

Petronella Anbeek1, Britt J. M. van Kooij1, Floris Groenendaal1, Linda S. de Vries1, Manon J. N. L. Benders1

1Neonatology, Wilhelmina Children's Hospital, Utrecht, Netherlands

A powerful fully automatic technique for neonatal brain segmentation is proposed, based on elastic registration combined with K-nearest neighbor classification. The method uses two routine diagnostic MR images: 3D-T1- and T2-weighted, and segments 8 brain structures simultaneously: (un)myelinated white matter, cortical gray matter, basal ganglia, cerebro-spinal fluid, ventricles, brainstem and cerebellum. Results are evaluated by comparison with a gold standard, showing high Dice similarity indexes (0.80-0.92) for 7 tissues. This technique is suitable for large and longitudinal neonatal brain analysis studies.