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Abstract #4357

Retrospective Reconstruction of Black-Blood Golden Ratio Radial Imaging for Visualization of Heart Valves at Arbitrary Dynamic Time Points

Claudia Prieto1, Tobias Schaeffter1

1Division of Imaging Sciences & Biomedical Engineering, King's College London, London, United Kingdom

Accurate visualization of the valve leaflet morphology is needed for the assessment of valvular heart disease. Accurate synchronization of the imaging sequence with the opening and closing of the valve is required. We propose the use of the golden ratio radial trajectory to retrospectively select and reconstruct a high-spatial resolution black-blood image at any specific time-point over the valves dynamics. In a first step, the acquired data is used to reconstruct a dynamic sequence with high-temporal resolution. This information is then used to select the right timing for a high-spatial resolution reconstruction from the same data.