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Abstract #4367

T2/PD Weighted Water & Fat Seperation on Low-Field Scanner

Cong Zhao1, Guobin Li1, Dehe Weng1, Weijun Zhang1, Mathias Nittka2, Vladimir Jellus2

1Siemens Mindit Magnet Resonance Co. Ltd, ShenZhen, GuangDong, China, People's Republic of; 2Siemens Healthcare Sector, Erlangen, Germany

On low field system, Dixon technique is preferred for its robustness and reliability on T1 weighted imaging. However, for T2/PD weighted imaging, TSE based Dixon suffers from a sever artifacts due to system limitations of low-field scanner. In this abstract, origin of the artifacts is analyzed. An optimized TSE Dixon acquisition scheme is also proposed. A clinical acceptable PD/T2 weighted water/fat separation result is therefore feasible on low-field scanner.