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Abstract #4399

Simultaneous Acquisition of Image & Navigator Slices using CAIPIRINHA

Zarko Celicanin1, Frank Preiswerk2, Patrik Arnold2, Philippe Cattin2, Klaus Scheffler1, Francesco Santini1

1Radiological Physics, University of Basel Hospital, Basel, Switzerland; 2Medical Imaging Analysis Center, University of Basel, Basel, Switzerland

Respiratory organ motion is a complicating factor in many treatments. Novel respiratory correlated MR imaging method was recently purposed that acquires a full 2D sagittal navigator image and builds 4D-MRI organ model. Image and navigator slices were acquired interleaved. Since the navigator image is used to estimate the exact organ position and shape, a time lag could lead to discrepancy in images and to incorrect models. We describe a new approach to image and navigator acquisition based on multislice CAIPIRINHA, which allows a true simultaneous acquisition with consequent decrease of lag and increase of temporal resolution.