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Abstract #4408

Simultaneous B1 & B0 Mapping using Dual Echo Actual Flip Angle Imaging (DE-AFI)

Claudia Lenz1, Oliver Bieri1, Klaus Scheffler1, Francesco Santini1

1Radiological Physics, University of Basel Hospital, Basel, Switzerland

Only recently, actual flip angle imaging (AFI) has been introduced as a fast and robust 3D method for mapping the B1 transmit field by measuring the spatial variations of the effective flip angle. The AFI pulse sequence consists of a dual TR conventional spoiled gradient echo pulse sequence, where TR2 > TR1. In this work, a second echo has been added to the standard AFI timing diagram, which enables additional B0 mapping by reconstructing phase difference maps based on the phase images of the two acquired echoes. In vivo results of fast simultaneous B1 and B0 mapping using dual echo AFI are presented.