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Abstract #4435

Volume Localization using Adiabatic Inversion Pulses in FAIR Imaging

Ziqi Sun1, Sergey Petryakov1, George Caia1, Alex Samouilov1, Jay L. Zweier1

1Davis Heart & Lung Research Institute, the Ohio State University, Columbus, OH, United States

Adiabatic inversion pulses have been widely used in slice- and whole-volume spin inversion in perfusion-weighted MRI. To date, no reports are available for using selective adiabatic inversion pulses for localized volume inversion in perfusion measurements. In this study, we proposed a 3D volume localization using adiabatic inversion pulses for FAIR imaging on a flow phantom. In comparison to the conventional slice-inversion FAIR technique, the perfusion rate measured using the localized volume-inversion FAIR method is in the acceptable accuracy and generates enhanced T1-weighting contrast.