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Abstract #4440

Characterization & Correction of Eddy Currents for Ultra-High Field Parallel Transmission with RF Pulse Design

Hai Zheng1, Tiejun Zhao2, Yongxian Qian3, Tamer Ibrahim1,3, Fernando Boada1,3

1Bioengineering, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA, United States; 2Siemens Medical Solutions, Pittsburgh, PA, United States; 3Radiology, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA, United States

Hardware and experimental imperfections can severely impact the excitation patterns in ultra high field parallel transmission. In this work, we propose a new eddy current correction method combining existing eddy current characterization method for parallel transmission RF pulse design to compensate the overall distortion induced by gradient and RF coils as well as the system delay to reduce the distortions in parallel transmission. Our proposed compensation method is a straightforward and easy to implement, but yields an evident improvement in the performance.