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Abstract #4442

An Interleaved Spatial-Spectral Pulse for Imaging Large Chemical-Shift Components

Jing Chen1, Jing An2, Yan Zhuo1

1State Key Laboratory of Brain & Cognitive Science, Inst. of Biophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China, People's Republic of; 2Siemens Healthcare, MR Collaboration NE Asia, Siemens Mindit Magnetic Resonance, China, People's Republic of

This work describes an interleaved spatial-spectral RF pulse for use with large excitation/suppression difference frequency, for example, exciting water while suppressing fat on a 7T system. The excitation is divided into three repetitions to fill the excitation k-space in an interleaving pattern. Interleaving allows driving the gradient at a lower slew rate. Therefore, this method has the advantages of less eddy current distortion, relative ease of implementation, and thinner slice thickness.