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Abstract #4446

T2-Weighting Enhancement using Pseudo-Echoes Generated by Selective Adiabatic Refocusing Pulses in a CPMG Pulse Sequence

Ziqi Sun1

1Davis Heart & Lung Research Institute, the Ohio State University, Columbus, OH, United States

Selective adiabatic excitation pulses have been utilized to generate pseudo-echoes to improve image contrast and quality. In this study, pseudo-echo images were obtained using a customized CPMG pulse sequence incorporated with selective adiabatic refocusing pulses that alternate frequency sweep directions between each of the echoes. Apparent T2 time constants were measured from the pseudo-echo images using the customized CPMG sequence. T2-weighting was significantly increased using the sequence in comparison to the CPMG sequence using amplitude modulated selective refocusing pulses.