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Abstract #4452

Comparison of Different EPI-Based Approaches to Measure T2 in Human Brain for the Purpose of Oxygenation Measurements

Thomas Christen1, Heiko Schmiedeskamp1, Matus Straka1, Roland Bammer1, Greg Zaharchuk1

1Department of radiology, Stanford University, Stanford, CA, United States

We compared in this study three different EPI-based approaches for measuring T2 : (1) a subtraction of T2 from T2* relaxation rates that are derived from separate multiecho sequences; (2) an asymmetric spin echo (ASE) sequence; (3) a combined multiple gradient echo and spin echo (SAGE) sequence. The results obtained in the brain of 4 subjects suggest that the different approaches give similar T2 values. They however showed spatial differences. The highest-quality maps were obtained with the ASE method. The SAGE approach, while containing spatial artifacts, could be used in a dynamic approach with high time resolution.