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Abstract #4576

Dynamic Distortion Correction of SE EPI Data using Phase Maps from Simultaneously-Acquired GE-EPI Data

Jack Harmer1, Susan Francis1, Richard Bowtell1

1SPMMRC, the University of Nottingham, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom

EPI acquisitions are highly susceptible to image distortions due to the presence of B0-field inhomogeneities. A powerful approach which can be used to correct dynamically varying distortions in GE fMRI time series involves exploiting the phase of the EPI data in conjunction with a single reference field-map. We show that this dynamic distortion correction can be applied to SE data by modifying a SE-EPI sequence to acquire a GE-image before the 180 RF pulse and then using the phase of the GE-EPI data to monitor field variation. This method has been tested on SE-EPI data acquired at 7T.