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Abstract #4586

Motion-Insensitive Structural MRI Based on Repeated Imaging with Echo-Planar Navigation & Acceleration (RIENA): Demonstrated with Susceptibility-Weighted Imaging in the Presence of Frequent Intra-Scan Tremors

Nan-Kuei Chen1

1Brain Imaging & Analysis Center, Duke University Medical Center, Durham, NC, United States

Here we report a novel strategy to remove MRI motion artifacts. Our new approach, termed Repeated Imaging with Echo-planar Navigation and Acceleration (RIENA), can generally be applied to various structural MRI. In this abstract we demonstrate the application of RIENA to remove motion artifacts in susceptibility-weighted imaging, even in the presence of frequent intra-scan tremors. The developed RIENA technique has higher scan efficiency than conventional sequences (e.g., SPGR), making it possible to acquire multiple images within the same scan time. Using the embedded EPI navigator, the intra-scan motion can be characterized and removed effectively, before multiple acquired images are combined.