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Abstract #4589

Combined Real-Time Prospective Motion Correction & Concurrent Field Monitoring

Maximilian Haeberlin1, Lars Kasper1, Christoph Barmet1, Signe Johanna Vannesj1, Sebastian Kozerke1, Klaas Paul Pruessmann1

1Institute for Biomedical Engineering, University & ETH Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland

We propose to rigidly mount small, long-lifetime NMR probes to the object in order to concurrently monitor field evolutions in the object frame of reference and perform real-time motion correction without extra scan sequences. In particular, a mere 1ms rephasing gradient is enough to accurately resolve the slice select direction. We show that concurrently monitored acquisitions subject to motion can be reconstructed when calibration-based reconstructions fail and that performing the experiment in the object frame of reference can heavily alleviate image co-registration.