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Abstract #4591

Correction of Subject Motion in Quantitative T2*-Mapping

Joerg Magerkurth1,2, Steffen Volz2, Marlies Wagner1, Alina Jurcoane1, Sandra Anti2, Elke Hattingen1, Ralf Deichmann2

1Institute of Neuroradiology, Goethe University Frankfurt, Frankfurt/Main, Germany; 2Brain Imaging Center (BIC), Goethe University Frankfurt, Frankfurt/Main, Germany

A method for the correction of artifacts induced by subject motion in quantitative T2* maps is presented, based on scan repetition with reduced spatial resolution and weighted averaging of both raw data sets, choosing the weighting factor individually for each k-space line to eliminate motion affected contributions. The technique is tested on healthy volunteers performing deliberate head movement during the scan. The method can be implemented on any clinical scanner allowing for multiple gradient echo imaging with modulus and phase data export.