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Abstract #4594

Inherent Correction of Motion-Induced Phase Errors in Multishot Spiral Imaging using Iterative Phase Cycling

Trong-Kha Truong1, Nan-Kuei Chen1, Allen W. Song1

1Brain Imaging & Analysis Center, Duke University, Durham, NC, United States

Spiral imaging is a promising alternative to EPI for DTI because of its efficient k-space coverage and low sensitivity to flow artifacts. Multishot acquisitions are typically required to achieve a high resolution while minimizing off-resonance effects. However, shot-to-shot phase variations induced by motion in the presence of diffusion gradients lead to severe artifacts. Variable-density spiral trajectories can be used to correct for such artifacts, but result in a longer scan time. Here, we propose a novel iterative phase cycling method that can effectively and efficiently correct for motion-induced phase errors in multishot spiral imaging without requiring any additional navigator.