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Abstract #4640

Preoperatively Mapping Perforator Flap Artery for Autologous Breast Reconstruction

Mukta Dilipkumar Agrawal1, Zou Zhitong1, Tiffany M. Newman1, Michelle Cerilles1, Julie Vasile2, Joshua L. Levine2, David R. Greenspun2, Martin R. Prince1,3

1Radiology, Weill Cornell Medical College, New York, NY, United States; 2Center of Microsurgical Breast Reconstruction, New York, NY, United States; 3Radiology, Columbia College of Physicians & Surgeons, New York, United States

Magnetic Resonance Angiography using blood pool contrast agents accurately images multiple donor sites in single study to identify small caliber perforator vessels and map their exact anatomy with respect to surface anatomic landmarks without exposing patients to ionizing radiation. This decreases operative time and post operative complications. This presentation will detail our experience with contrast enhanced MRA of multiple donor site for harvesting free flap for autologous breast reconstruction in over 100 mastectomy patients.