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Abstract #4651

What is the Role of Pulmonary MRA in this "Medical Radiation Sensitized" Era?

Mark L. Schiebler1, Scott K. Nagle1, Christopher J. Francois1, Azita G. Hamedani2, Michael D. Repplinger, Thomas M. Grist1, Scott B. Reeder1,3

1Radiology, UW-Madison, Madison, WI, United States; 2 Emergency Medicine, UW-Madison; 3Medical Physics, UW-Madison

Pulmonary embolism is an important cause of death. Diagnosis using non ionizing imaging is important for children and young adults. Reviewed here are the clinical indications for Pulmonary MRA in light the PIOPED III recommendations and the strengths and weaknesses of this modality. Specific attention to the imaging pitfalls is shown (i.e. Gibbs artifact and bolus timing). Recognition of these issues will improve the accuracy of Pulmonary MRA interpretation. Pulmonary MRA is a good alternative imaging modality to CTA in patients that are possibly impacted by medical radiation.