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Abstract #4671

High-Resolution 3D MR Imaging of the Sellar & Parasellar Space using SPACE at 3.0 T

Emiko Morimoto1, Mitsunori Kanagaki1, Akira Yamamoto1, Tomohisa Okada1, Seiko Kasahara1, Satoshi Nakajima1, Mami Iima1, Ryo Sakamoto1, Kaori Togashi1

1Department of Diagnostic Imaging & Nuclear Medicine, Graduate School of Medicine, Kyoto University, Kyoto, Japan

The purpose of this presentation is to describe advantages of high-resolution 3D MR imaging of the sellar and parasellar regions using SPACE, inclusive of discussion on image characteristics of 3D-SPACE. High-resolution 3D MR imaging using SPACE has important advantages in the following points: 1) high-resolution volume images that allows multi-planer reconstruction, 2) less susceptibility artifact and 3) superior contrast of Gd-contrast agent. High-resolution 3D MR imaging using SPACE at 3T can be very helpful for imaging of complicated small anatomical structures at sellar and parasellar regions, which may be applicable at other regions such as brain stem or inner ear