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Abstract #4678

Conventional & Advanced MR Imaging of Parkinson`s Disease

Koji Kamagata1, Shigeki Aoki1, Yumiko Motoi1, Masaaki Hori1, Atsushi Nakanishi1, Keigo Shimoji1, Ryohei Kuwatsuru1, Keisuke Sasai1, Nobutaka Hattori1

1Juntendo University, Tokyo, Bunkyouku, Japan

We reviewed conventional and advanced MR imaging of Parkinson disease. Using DTI, FA in the substantia nigra and cingulum reduced in PD patients compared to normal controls. ASL showed hypoperfusion in the occipital lobes. Advanced technique such as DTI and ASL may clarify new pathophysiological changes of PD and help early diagnosis and monitoring of PD.