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Abstract #0017

Mapping the Living Mouse Brain Neural Architecture: Strain Specific Patterns of the Brain Connectional Anatomy

Laura-Adela Harsan1, Marco Reisert1, Annette Merkle1, Jrgen Hennig1, Dominik von Elverfeldt1

1Medical Physics, Department of Radiology, University Medical Center, Freiburg, Germany

In the present study we probe at microscopic level, the ensemble of anatomical neurocircuity of the living mouse brain, using diffusion fiber tracking, comparatively in BALB/cJ and C57Bl6/N mice. Exquisite brain anatomical details of the mouse brain neural architecture were revealed by combining the use of Cryoprobe technology for MRI data acquisition and a new global fiber tracking algorithm for post-processing. We depicted inter- and intra-strain variations in the general wiring scheme of the mouse brain. As a prominent feature, BALB/cJ mice show great within-strain variations in the callosal interhemispheric connectivity.