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Abstract #0037

Chronic & Acute Anti-Angiogenic Treatment Effects Detected by Arterial Spin Labeling in Mouse Tumor

MAGNA25Reshmi Rajendran1, Mei Yee Tang1, Huang Wei1, Jie Ming Liang1, Stephanie Choo1, Torsten Reese2, Hannes Hentze2, Susan van Boxtel2, Brian Henry2, Kai Hsiang Chuang1

1Laboratory of Molecular Imaging, Singapore Bioimaging Consortium, Singapore, Singapore; 2Merck Sharp and Dohme, Singapore

We applied optimized Flow-sensitive Alternating Inversion Recovery (FAIR) ASL to non-invasively quantify tumor perfusion in a mouse xenograft model, in which acute (24-hour) and chronic (43-day) treatment effects of the VEGF inhibitor (Avastin) was investigated. Our data indicate that significant reduction in tumor perfusion was seen after acute dosing (p<0.05 vs. the control group), suggesting FAIR ASL perfusion could be used as an early biomarker for treatment response. Similarly, the chronic treatment of Avastin also led to a decrease in tumor size and perfusion; however, the drug effect varied significantly among the animals, possibly due to the heterogeneity of tumor progression.