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Abstract #0176

Treatment with the MEK Inhibitor U0126 Induces a Decrease in Hyperpolarized Pyruvate to Lactate Conversion in Breast But Not in Prostate Cancer Cells

SUMMA25Alessia Lodi1, Sarah M. Woods1, Sabrina M. Ronen1

1University of California San Francisco, San Francisco, CA, United States

To date, response to anti-neoplastic treatment has been associated with a drop in 13C MRS-detectable hyperpolarized pyruvate to lactate conversion. Here we assessed the effect of treatment with the MEK inhibitor U0126 in prostate and breast cancer cells. Drug action resulted in a drop in the pyruvate to lactate conversion in breast cancer cells, but an increase in prostate cancer cells. This effect is likely mediated by an increase in intracellular lactate and LDH expression and activity in both cancer models and a concurrent drop in MCT1 expression in breast, but not in prostate cancer cells.