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Abstract #0224

Effective & Flexible Eddy Current Compensation for Delta Relaxation Enhanced MR Imaging

Uvo Christoph Hoelscher1, Peter Michael Jakob2, 3

1Research Center for Magnetic Resonance Bavaria , Wuerzburg, Germany; 2Experimental Physics 5 (Biophysics), University of Wuerzburg, Wuerzburg, Germany; 3Research Center for Magnetic Resonance Bavaria, Wuerzburg, Germany

A new imaging method called dreMR uses a variable B0 field to generate a novel MR contrast. The variable B0 field induces eddy currents which substantially decrease the quality of dreMR images. The abstract presents a compensation method which can easily be implemented in the scanner software. The method can be used for any imaging sequence, does not require additional hardware and reduces the eddy current artifacts to a very small level.