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Abstract #0391

23Na Chemical Shift Imaging & Late Gadolinium Enhanced (LGE) MRI of Acute Ischemia Reperfusion Myocardial Injury

MAGNA25Eissa N. E. Aguor1, 2, Fatih Arslan1, Gustav J. Strijkers3, Marcel G. J. Nederhoff1, Cees W. van de Kolk1, Gerard Pasterkamp1, Pieter doevendans1, 2, Cees J. van Echteld1

1University Medical Center, Utrecht, Netherlands; 2The Netherlands Heart Institute (ICIN), Utrecht, Netherlands; 3Eindhoven University of Technology

LGE MRI is commonly used to assess infarct size, however provides little information on the physiological state of the injured myocytes. In this respect, 23Na MRI and particularly imaging of intracellular (Nai) and extracellular (Nae) sodium concentrations is known to provide additional information on cellular integrity and ion homeostasis after myocardial ischemia. In this study, we assessed the ability of 23Na CSI complemented by 1H LGE MRI in isolated rat heart to characterize the injured myocardium as soon as 2 hours after the IR injury, which was induced while the rats were still alive.