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Abstract #0452

Mean Intracellular Water Molecule Lifetime: Another Useful Breast DCE-MRI Biomarker?

Wei Huang1, Xin Li1, Luminita A. Tudorica1, Karen Y. Oh1, Sunitha B. Thakur2, Elizabeth A. Morris2, Yiyi Chen1, Nicole Roy1, Mark D. Kettler1, Jason A. Koutcher2, Charles S. Springer1

1Oregon Health & Science University, Portland, OR, United States; 2Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, New York, United States

157 patients with 172 suspicious breast lesions underwent research DCE-MRI prior to biopsies. DCE-MRI time-course data were subjected to both Standard model (SM) and Shutter-Speed Model (SSM) analyses. Though not a good diagnostic biomarker, the mean intracellular water molecule lifetime, i, derived only with the SSM, was significantly smaller in malignant compared to benign lesions. i was also inversely correlated with SM and SSM Ktrans. The inverse relationships of i with cellular metabolic activity and Ktrans indicate its potential use for detection of hypoxia/necrosis and evaluation of breast cancer response to therapy.