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Abstract #0486

An Enzyme-Responsive PARACEST MRI Contrast Agent That "Turns On" After Catalysis

Dina V. Hingorani1, Mark D. Pagel1

1Chemistry & Biochemistry, University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ, United States

We have developed a PARACEST MRI contrast agent, Tm-DO3A-cadaverine, that can detect the enzyme activity of Transglutaminase (TGase). This enzyme is an important biomarker of tumor vascular normalization that can cross-link extracellular matrix proteins by coupling lysine and glutamine side chains. Unlike most other enzyme-responsive CEST agents that "turn off" CEST after enzyme cleavage of a covalent bond, Tm-DO3A-cadaverine "turns on" CEST after the creation of a covalent bond by TGase.