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Abstract #0525

Subtractionless First-Pass Single-Dose Peripheral MRA Using Two-Point Dixon Fat-Saturation

Tim Leiner1, Bastiaan Versluis2, Liesbeth Geerts3, Eveline Alberts3, Jeroen Hendrikse4, Evert Jan Vonken4, Holger Eggers5

1Department of Radiology , Utrecht University Medical Center, Utrecht, Netherlands; 2Department of Radiology, Maastricht University Medical Center, Maastricht, Netherlands; 3Clinical Science Department, Philips Healthcare, Best, Netherlands; 4Department of Radiology, Utrecht University Medical Center, Utrecht, Netherlands; 5Sector Imaging Systems, Philips Research, Hamburg, Germany

The feasibility of single contrast medium dose (0.1 mmol/kg) subtractionless dual-echo Dixon imaging for first-pass contrast-enhanced fat-suppressed peripheral MRA is demonstrated in 17 patients with suspected peripheral arterial disease. Vessel to background contrast was uniformly better when compared to conventional subtraction based approaches. Despite the requirement to measure two echoes per TR the proposed method is compatible with high-spatial resolution acquisitions during initial arterial passage of contrast material due to high parallel imaging factors. Dual-echo Dixon peripheral MRA represents substantial timesavings over the conventional subtraction-based approach to peripheral MRA and avoids potential subtraction misregistration artifacts.