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Abstract #0540

Torus-Shaped Dielectric Resonator for 7T Musculoskeletal Imaging

MAGNA25Johanna J. Bluemink1, Wouter Koning2, Dennis W. Klomp2, Hugo Kroeze2, Stefan Maderwald3, Anke Henning4, Peter R. Luijten2, Jan J.W. Lagendijk1, Cornelis A.T. van den Berg1

1Radiotherapy, University Medical Center Utrecht, Utrecht, Netherlands; 2Radiology, University Medical Center Utrecht, Utrecht, Netherlands; 3Erwin L. Hahn Institute for Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Essen, Germany; 4ETH Zrich, Switzerland

A torus-shaped dielectric resonator is introduced and a proof of concept is given for imaging at 7T. Due to the relatively high frequency of 300 MHz, water can be used as a dielectric while the torus has practical dimensions. Experimental B1+ patterns show good comparison to those obtained in numerical simulations. In-vivo images of the human calf at 7T are obtained using the torus as a transmit/receive coil.