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Abstract #0558

Clinical Demonstration of Transient Cavitation Induced Errors on PRFS MR Thermometry During RF Ablation in Liver, Using Simultaneous US/MR Imaging

Lorena Petrusca1, Sylvain Terraz1, Magalie Viallon2, Vincent Auboiroux1, Li Pan3, Shelby Brunke4, Christoph Becker1, Rares Salomir1

1Radiology Department, Geneva University Hospital, Geneva, Switzerland; 2Radiology Department, Geneva University Hospital, Geneva , Switzerland; 3Center for Applied Medical Imaging, Siemens Corporate Research, Baltimore, United States; 4US Division, Siemens Medical Solutions, Issaquah, WA, United States

A clinical RF ablation study of HCC nodule in liver using simultaneous US and MR dual-monitoring is presented here. The interactive targeting mode enables effective and sufficiently rapid electrode placement in clinical practice. RFA induces dynamic changes in magnetic buck susceptibility, major distortion of PRFS thermometry including butterfly-like and false negative temperature of the MRT maps in the RF electrode vicinity being observed. These errors were correlated with the induced bubbles of thermal cavitation visualized in US imaging.