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Abstract #0587

Significant Reduction of Grey Matter Loss with Vitamin B Treatment in Cognitively Impaired Elderly

SUMMA25Gwenaelle Douaud1, Helga Refsum2, Celeste de Jager2, Robin Jacoby2, Stephen Smith1, A. David Smith2

1FMRIB Centre, University of Oxford, Oxford, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom; 2OPTIMA, University of Oxford

We investigated the impact of B vitamin treatment on grey matter (GM) loss over a 2 year period on cognitively impaired elderly. Using FSL-VBM, we found significant loss of GM in placebo and vitamin groups. However, the GM loss was significantly smaller over time in the vitamin group compared to the placebo group in regions vulnerable to the Alzheimers disease process and showing marked atrophy in the placebo group. Remarkably, higher levels of plasma homocysteine were associated with significantly increased GM atrophy, but this deleterious effect was compensated for by the B vitamin treatment.