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Abstract #0600

Novel Sampling Strategy for Abdominal Imaging with Incomplete Breathholds

MAGNA25Nadine Gdaniec1, Holger Eggers2, Peter Boernert2, Mariya Doneva2, Alfred Mertins1

1University of Luebeck, Luebeck, Germany; 2Philips Research, Hamburg, Germany

A sampling strategy is proposed that minimizes artifacts due to respiratory motion in abdominal imaging acquired during a breathhold. The predefined breathhold length is not required anymore because the sampling strategy supports the reconstruction of data acquired up to any point in time. The acquisition is segmented with global sampling density variation and local Poisson disk sampling and thus compatible with CS and PI. It is adaptable to target functions of the spatial resolution over time. Abdominal imaging of volunteers was performed that show significantly reduced motion artifacts compared to incomplete breathholds.