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Abstract #0643

(RATE) Rapid MRI Acquisition Using Tailored Signal Excitation Modules: A K-Space Aliasing Method to Accelerate MRI Scans

Arjun Arunachalam1, Kamlesh Pawar1

1Electrical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

A new MRI acceleration technique that relies on the concept of k-space aliasing is introduced. K-space signal can either have a narrow spectrum because they come from features that are non-dynamic or because they come from structures that have weak signal magnitude. In the latter case, the temporal spectrum may not be narrow but only a portion of it is relevant as the rest remains buried under noise. The proposed method exploited these properties by using tailored signal excitation modules consisting of RF pulses and gradients to overlap distinct k-space points that are then resolved through Fourier transformation in time.